Detox Support

Detoxing our bodies is an important part in staying healthy. There are several methods out there for different durations of time. Together we can work to find the one way that best suites you and your life. 

Detoxing can be quite a struggle at first because it not only affects us physically but emotionally. The reason… we fill our bodies with toxins on an everyday basis (sugar, chemicals, food colorings, environmental pollutants, etc) and imbalances are created within the body. Our body has become so addicted to these toxins that you have to break those dependencies before your body can slowly detoxify itself. 

I’ll be there supporting you every step of the way to ensure you maintain your strength through the process. After your body starts to find balance, you’ll feel lighter, and have more energy

How toxins enter the body

  • The air we breath.
  • The food and water we consume.
  • Absorbed through the skin.

How toxins are produced by the body

  • Toxic waste by-products from the foods we eat.
  • Over production of hormones because of emotional activity that are not processed completely.
  • Cellular debris from the death of cells as they regenerate new ones.

What are Toxins?

Synthetic Chemicals, Insecticides, Fungicides, Pesticides, Heavy metals, Electro-magnetic Frequencies, Emotional instability, Refined and Processed Foods.

What happens when we are toxic?

Frequently ill – Tired and Fatigued – Aches and Pains – Irritable and Impatient – Poor Concentration/Poor Memory – Weak and Light Headed – Constipation/Diarrhea – Unfit or Overweight – Insomnia and more.

Benefits from Detoxification

Better Immune System – Great Energy – Stable Moods and Happy – Great Concentration and Memory – Strong and Stable – Healthy Bowel Movements – Becoming Fit and Active – Great Sleeping Patterns.

Do You Feel…

  • Constant body aches, inability to concentrate, easily overwhelmed
  • Constant headaches and/or allergy symptoms
  • Not having enough energy to accomplish daily tasks
  • Finding yourself getting impatient with simple tasks

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