What is Holistic health coaching?
A Holistic Health Coach is a mentor and guide who provides valuable personal, practical, and emotional support. Your coach personalizes your program, something that most books and programs can’t do by virtue of their nature. Habits take a while to form and therefore take a while to break as well, but I will be by your side every step of the way.

How do I get started?
Take the first step towards better health, by scheduling an appointment. Once you pick a date you are committed to, you’ll fill out a form to cover the basic questions and information before digging deeper during the first meeting. This way we will be prepared to discuss and configure a direction that suites your journey.

How much do you cost?
Cost is dependent upon your goals and budget. By letting me know your monthly budget up front, we can devise a plan to help you reach your goals. 

How exactly does your program address certain issues?
Tash Training’s approach to health is helping the body heal itself, not treating the symptoms.  As your  coach, I work with you and any specialists needed to identify the root cause of your health problems. This way we can start to reduce/eliminate your symptoms. 

I may recommend natural supplements or dietary changes, but never will you receive any directions masking your symptoms to make you “feel better”.  As your health coach, your overall wellness is my primary concern and together we will get you to a place where you don’t just “feel better” but you’ll live better.

In the past you’ve probably found that weight loss programs require adapting your life to their specific “diet”. Sticking with the “diet plan” may be difficult, especially if this diet is depriving you or as your body undergoes changes. Feeling the need “take a break” or quit all together starts sounding better everyday. This is where I come into play. Together, we design a plan for you from the ground up-one that’s enjoyable, empowering and of course one you will be able to stick to. When you have someone by your side along the way, you’re less likely to give up.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions are dependent upon your goals and budget. They can be as little as 30 minutes or up to several hours. 

I’ve already tried diets and personal trainers
At Tash Training ALL aspects of health are incorporated in your coaching. The reason training or diets tend to fail is because they neglect the rest of your health. I have experience working solely as a personal trainer, and know its takes much more to achieve better health. 

How soon will I see results?
This is a question that has multiple variables including how committed you are to changing your health. There are also different levels of results– long term, short term, etc. You might feel better after a breathing exercise, but will not lose the 40lbs in a week. I work with clients to attain results as quickly and as effectively as possibly BUT most importantly working for the results that STAY! 

Do I have to change everything I am eating?
Unless this is your goal, no. The main focus will be integrating new food into your diet. The focus is never on deprivation or restriction but rather on abundance in ways that work for your body. Clients find themselves eating more and enjoying foods they never imagined. Many have stated it has opened up their world to exploring food. 

Will I feel different?
Yes! When integrating “whole” foods into your daily choices, those nutrients will make you feel more alive, increase your energy, help you sleep better, look better, and feel better! 

What if I have questions between sessions?
I offer communication between sessions via phone or email unless you are only completing single sessions. I reserve spots and time for clients choosing to work with me on more in-depth packages.  

Am I going to be hungry if I am on this program?
No, I actually encourage clients to eat to their hearts content, but learning how to make the best choices so this actually LEADS to weight loss. I’m against the traditional approach of eating less to lose weight. This method causes you to be constricted in nutrients which are the very aspects that help you lose the weight or gain health that you are looking for.

Am I going to be sore?
If you have not had much physical activity recently, it is natural for your body to be sore in the days following an intense workout. However, many times due to imbalances we start off with corrective exercises, which are not known to have the same effect as intense workouts. 

Is this a quick fix?
Not at all. This program is about small changes over a healthy period of time so that the change becomes second nature, naturally. Before you know it, you will be living your life healthier, happier and loving it.

What about confidentiality?

TashTraining will keep the Client’s information private, and will not share the Client’s information to any third party unless compelled to by law.

Have a question not yet answered?
Please feel free to  Contact me . I look forward to speaking with you! 

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